TSR helps you eliminate hidden costs with your current voice, data, and internet provider, giving you cost savings up to 35%.

Quality and reliability of phone and internet access are essential, forming the platform for daily communication with clients and colleagues. When providing a service so fundamental to operations, TSR gives great flexibility in architecture and pricing. We’ll consult with you to identify your primary business drivers and deliver a solution that suits your business needs at the right value. With network connections to over 20 carriers, TSR has the ability to design, manage, and install an expert carrier solution.

Find the best value

We work in your best interest to uncover invisible costs that vary by carrier. While one-time installation and monthly recurring costs are easy to compare, there are other hidden costs, including:

Non-contracted surcharges add 10%-15%
Termination clauses add 50%-100%
Unused features and services add 10%-30%
Phone system equipment modification adds $500-$1000
Outages lack of redundancy can leave you without service

We’re familiar with these hidden costs, so we’ll share our knowledge with you. Our carrier reviews find an average savings of 35% for our clients.

Data, voice, and internet solutions

Hosting and colocation services, data storage, and multi-location connectivity

Delivery of dedicated and dynamic bandwidth speeds via fiber, coax, copper, radio, and satellite

Toll Free & Long Distance
Rates starting as low as $.012 per minute

Dedicated and dynamic analog, digital and SIP/VoIP-based services

Professional Services
Billing and cost assessments, capacity and redundancy planning, performance monitoring, contract negotiations, project coordination, and support escalation

Let’s examine your current ISP and telecom carrier provider.

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