The new generation at TSR: the App Labs team!

In 2014, Tommy and Max teamed up to build their first app for a client. It worked well (of course, they’re genius!), but it was a little rough around the edges. They called on Jeni for a creative sprinkling in their designs, working together as a trio for the subsequent two years. In 2016, Katie joined and brought superior organization, communication, and wordsmithing, further refining the services the App Labs team provides. Our most recent addition, Andrew, brings a passion for design that makes our apps even more spiffy!

The App Labs team is constantly growing and improving. With individual skills that reach far and wide, they provide mobile app development, web development, and IoT integrations. As TSR stays flexible in the ever-changing landscape of technology, App Labs pushes the boundaries of creativity and innovation to bring our clients’ visions to life.