The complexity, costs and tedious processes that come with legacy infrastructure distract IT from delivering the value from your data that your business needs. When Storage Area Networks became available in the mid 2000’s, they were embraced for the flexibility they created in IT data centers. As virtualization became popular, we saw another sea change take place within data center environments, with fewer servers being allocated and greater efficiency in resource utilization across devices. Modern cloud services infrastructure brought additional efficiency for some, but also introduced challenges to organizations that were not prepared to move data offsite or make wholesale changes to their infrastructure.

Hyperconvergence brings the best features of that modern cloud infrastructure into your data center. While SANs and Virtualization are more efficient that single server predecessors, they still have rigid limits, high costs, restrictions, and administrative overburden. Hyperconvergence minimizes the physical limitations of those devices and gives you a single cost-effective scalable platform to manage your infrastructure, dramatically reducing administrative time in provisioning new applications for your business users.

Nutanix Acropolis software converges compute and storage to provide cloud-like infrastructure that can run any application at any scale. Unlike other HCI products, Acropolis provides the freedom to choose the right technology for the business, including hardware platform, virtualization technology and public cloud integration. With in-built data protection, security, and self-healing capabilities, IT teams get a full stack solution they control, which can be deployed in minutes – without requiring teams of specialists.

Nutanix also provides robust cross-platform support, helping avoid costly conversions of existing equipment and software to single-vendor solutions. With support for multiple hypervisors and SAN technologies, it’s never been easier to get started in your modernization efforts. Once your transition is completed, you’ll see a dramatic simplification in management time and in disaster recovery and business continuity options. With easy cloud integration, your infrastructure can be better aligned, extended, expanded and protected than ever before.

Simplify your Data Center

Eliminate the time and effort needed to design, procure and deploy infrastructure. Get started in minutes, with hyperconverged infrastructure that includes compute, storage and networking, and scales out as needs grow. IDC found that customers get 60% lower TCO with a 7-month payback period.

Simplify your data center with acropolis by Nutanix

How can I get started?

TSR provides a data center optimization assessment that will provide the blueprint for your organization to holistically mange a hyper-converged environment. With an average TCO reduction of 50%, we can enable your infrastructure for improved performance at lower costs, providing better service for your users and customers.

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