Today, we share perspectives from Tim Radtke, CEO of TSR Solutions, on why Nutanix represents a tremendous fit for healthcare organizations as they begin to structure their data environments to support stronger cloud computing initiatives, while maintaining a strong focus on security and compliance.

Challenges in Healthcare IT

Nutanix for HealthcareThe healthcare industry is facing many changes that pose new challenges to healthcare organizations big and small. In particular, the fast-evolving government regulations, technological innovations, and patient expectations create a new environment in which running a medical practice isn’t just about treating patients anymore.

These rapid changes are putting increasing pressure on healthcare organizations to embrace innovative and agile methodologies in order to improve the quality of patient care and reduce operational expenses. Security, regulatory compliance and mobility, are among the top priorities for healthcare CIOs/CTOs and their teams.

The Cloud Opportunity within the Healthcare Market

Healthcare Cloud Computing market is expected to grow to $44 Billion by 2023, with a YOY growth rate of 18.2%. There is definitely significant need in migration, people recognize it. It’s just a question of how to address it and overcome the challenges that are in front of them.

What Nutanix HCI can do

Nutanix gives healthcare organizations the freedom to build modern data centers with choice, simplicity, and flexibility. Built on the industry-leading hyperconverged infrastructure platform, Nutanix delivers cloud-ready infrastructure combining compute, storage, virtualization, and networking. Nutanix web-scale technology aligns with the needs of healthcare organizations by providing secure and frictionless infrastructure for applications that can help improve quality of patient care and improves speed of delivery with lower upfront and ongoing costs.

Because the dependency on computing and computing infrastructure has increased significantly in the last couple of years, the data capture and digitization is happening at a phenomenal rate.

So large amounts of data from patients and health care facilities from diagnostics to bio-medicine to clinical care and clinical trials have to be stored.  You have to secure the data and keep it private and make it available to the people that can use it and the extract value out of it. Because of the Nutanix computing environment that’s well built and scalable in the many ways, to address these and other challenges, healthcare organizations of all sizes are turning to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.


The Simplicity

Healthcare IT departments love a simple infrastructure. They are under constant pressure to reduce operational costs while ensuring availability. Simple infrastructure demands less care-and-feeding and has fewer components that could fail. With HCI, some traditional infrastructure components are removed from the equation. No more proprietary storage array, controllers, or storage-specific connectivity.

The security-first design

What Nutanix has done and continues to do is that they innovate on the security front.   They don’t wait for things to happen in the way they write their code with their infrastructure.  In terms of the applications that they’re writing and the operating system and how they test, it’s all part of a very involved security development life cycle.  This helps to assure you’re going to have a secure environment.

Paramount in HIPAA requirements in the healthcare world is protect patient data. Security configuration management and automation and different ways of authorization and micro segmentation.   The Nutanix operating system really allows for very granular specific control of the securitization of that data. Customers benefit greatly from this as they fend off security threats.

The Scalability

Healthcare merger and acquisition activity isn’t slowing down. Healthcare IT departments are being asked to support more users. They need infrastructure that scales easily and linearly. They do not want to run out of capacity or performance on a system (compute or storage) and then have to stand up another full-size system just to support the next small group of users.

With Nutanix, scaling to handle these additional users is as simple as adding additional nodes (servers) to the cluster.

The VDI performance

Because of clinician mobility and the need for quick access to the EMR, VDI is very popular in healthcare.

VDI makes the data accessible and yet very secure and controlled and manageable for users care providers that are working remotely, and it keeps the complexity creep from invading the organization from security management environment. That’s huge!

From healthcare standpoint, there are more facets to the challenges to the IT environment. Nutanix has done a wonderful job of keeping the simplicity and the elegance and keeping their solutions very strong at the same time.

The Financial Benefits

The integrated computing storage, predicted scaling, redundancy, disaster recovery, business continuity, and just simplifying the environment allows customers to focus on what they do best.  The marginalization of the computing platform makes it easier to scale, manage and modify, that is a significant benefit.

In addition, in the past, when you need to get rid of that system or that application, that platform, as they don’t do that anymore, you need to put this new hardware. Nutanix has really taken out that dependency on hardware life cycle.  Now you can mix and match the newer hardware with the older hardware that comes out and you don’t necessarily need to take away the old hardware investments, you can repurpose them for other usage. You get a longer life and more runway on your existing investments. And you don’t need to buy much equipment.  That is a big deal!

Capitalize on Nutanix HCI

Given the world we live in – digitization and capture of all the data at a phenomenal pace and is going to continue to increase. With Nutanix, Health care organizations can look forward to getting better digitizing all the data, orchestrating it and making it available and manageable and secure.   Nutanix and hyper Converged Infrastructure is providing a mechanism and a platform to do that which we didn’t have the available tool previously.

The TSR – Nutanix Healthcare Solution

From an experience and computing standpoint, TSR has very talented technical staff. Additionally, we have 2 doctors and a nurse that are part of our TSR advisory board. They provide insights beyond tech with their experiences and challenges in real world in Healthcare.

Our solution for the healthcare challenges that we see and will continue to see are hyper converged cloud.  Specifically, Nutanix because of how well it is to make things secure, predictable, available, plus significant lower total cost of ownership. It takes pressure off maintaining a complex infrastructure that can be very expensive over time and use it down to a level that’s really manageable and scalable on all fronts small and large.

TSR Commitment

With 27 plus years’ experience working with Healthcare organizations, our passion is to continue to help people.  Our power of helping is not directly medical.  It’s through technology that help people in the health care services and organizations to more effectively dedicate their time to what they do best. Instead of working and worrying and managing infrastructure and the transportation and security and management of it, with TSR partnership with Nutanix, we can give care givers the ability to free up their time to actually dedicate towards what they are most skilled at.

Reach out to TSR to discuss specific challenges facing your organization today. With an average TCO reduction of 50%, we can enable your infrastructure for improved performance at lower costs, providing better service for your users and customers.