Picture this: you’re scheduled to meet a new client at their office Tuesday morning. You find the right building (it’s unassuming and slightly ugly, but you hold off judgment until you’re inside). You hop up four steps and enter through the glass doors installed circa 1970. The lobby is surprisingly hip! (Good thing you reserved judgment earlier.) There’s a nice lady sitting behind the receptionist’s desk, and she points out the visitor’s log – you need to sign in. The paper, creepily curled up on the corners and hastily shoved on a clipboard, makes a less-than-appealing impression. It shows a grid filled with scribbles of previous visitors, and you fill in your info (what time is it, anyways?). The lady rings your host; he’s on his way. You have to wait for a few minutes longer than makes you comfortable, and you’re starting to think her phone call might have been fake. Finally the door swings open and you’re ushered into the conference room, ready to exchange niceties and business cards, just like they did in the good ol’ days of Mad Men.

The solution to the paper sign-in sheet, the nice-but-probably-unnecessary receptionist, and the awkward business card exchange: Haven, a visitor access management system. Let’s hope a visit to your office wouldn’t feel as clumsy as the trip described above; but it sure could use some improvement. After all, what do you do with the information on the visitor’s log?

TSR has developed a sign-in process that’s unobtrusive and convenient for visitors while providing increased awareness and monitoring of your campus. By integrating iPads, a web app, and text & email alerts, Haven monitors visitor activity in real time.


  1. Host employee sends a grant to a visitor.
  2. Visitor receives a grant in their email (it’s just a harmless QR code).
  3. Visitor strolls into your lobby, flashes their QR code at the kiosk, and confirms their host’s name.
  4. Host receives an alert that their visitor has arrived! Let the meeting commence.
  5. Contact information is automatically sent to both parties.


  • Community Empowerment: Distribute access control to the employees you trust. Empower your employees to contribute to campus security.
  • Bring Your Own Device: We won’t lock you into expensive hardware. Use iPads you already own, or we’ll include them in your service package.
  • Ease of Adoption: Integrate with existing Microsoft Exchange services to pull calendar events and contacts.

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Haven - Measure Monitor Control