When you do business over the phone, your phone system needs to be an enabler, not an inhibiter. Your prospects must be able to reach you in a timely manner to close the deal. Your clients need to find you wherever you are: at the front desk, in a meeting, or outside the office. Availability and reachability is expected.

Eliminate latency

When a client calls your company and the phone rings endlessly, or it transfers to a general voicemail, they may question whether they’ll ever speak with an employee. You want to give the impression that you hold client care as a priority, whether your business is big or small.

Phone system latency is sometimes referred to as the “mouth to ear” delay. Contributing factors include:

·       Number of rings for an employee to answer the phone

·       Number of transfers required to find the right team member

·       Quality of the phone connection itself (choppy or echoing sound)

An onsite phone system allows you to eliminate latency by routing calls using the power of work groups. Work groups respond to what’s happening in your business, so contact with a representative occurs smoothly. You might have a new advertising campaign, where you can be ready to answer incoming calls by adding team members to a work group.  You might also want to better enable how calls are routed to a contact center team and establish calling patterns so an available representative gets the next call. Overcoming latency with work groups increases speed and flexibility in everyday business and client interaction.

Enhance reachability

The current reality in business is that if prospects can’t easily reach you, they’ll turn elsewhere for service. An onsite phone system can help you be reachable by allowing your phone to find you or key staff members wherever they are in a short amount of time. External assignment rules can ring phones in multiple locations simultaneously – reaching you in a meeting, traveling or at a client site.

ShoreTel unified communication systems allow you to implement tools that make you and your staff more accessible through Microsoft Outlook integration and desktop client and mobility features like find me/follow me. Enable your staff to be reachable and findable, building on the capability of your employees, not working against them.

Create a better client experience

You pride yourself on how you serve your clients, but if your current phone system doesn’t help you be responsive and reachable, then it might be inhibiting your business. It may be time to consider how your phone system can improve client service.

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