Year-End Musings from the New Generation at TSR, Jeni Branum & Katie Radtke, Creative Project Directors

As two pairs of fresh eyes on a company our same age, we want to express our (slightly biased) view of TSR as we see it now: agile, humble, and full of gratitude.

These days, 75-90% of startups fail, depending on how you characterize “startup” and “failure.” Those stats undoubtedly present a dreary outlook for bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, brilliant entrepreneurs with big dreams. We often wonder– How can the brainchild of a single entrepreneur possibly overcome the odds of failure to become a success?

While reflecting on what it means to achieve 25 years of business in technology, we marveled upon a realization: TSR is the original startup! In 1991, there was no startup culture; there wasn’t a trend of 20-something dreamers hoping to build a massive campus of hoodie-clad geeks creating the “next big thing.” There was simply a need for a technology service provider who listened and understood the needs of clients and their businesses.

25 years ago, TSR CEO Tim Radtke started in the world of technology by building personal computers for clients. Looking to the future, he didn’t know in which direction technology would evolve; so, the only constant for TSR was to remain flexible. Tim had a vision: to provide technology with a purpose. Find a problem, examine it, turn it over, see all sides, and then craft the best possible solution year after year.

Nearing the end of 2016, we asked Tim, “How has TSR stayed relevant for 25 years?”

“It’s because we stayed innovative. It’s because we stayed agile. It’s because we thought ahead and had vision for our clients on where we can help them.”

This ability to adapt and grow has allowed TSR to overcome the turbulent landscape of technology to succeed over 25 years. Tim’s original quest succeeded because it didn’t rely on a single product or selfish dreams; it was built on the firm belief of putting others’ needs first and remaining grateful for time and change.

After a quarter-century of “hard fun” – a common phrase from Tim – we look forward to growing through another 25 years. We are thankful for our clients past and present who trust us with their vital operations and to our employees and colleagues who support our mission.

As CEO/Dad/Uncle Tim reminds us daily, be grateful.