The TSR Recommended Solution:


TSR partners with Zerto to provide a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective backup software solution. Watch this video and in 90 seconds learn how Zerto can provide your data center with complete VM Protection.



Ensure your data is always available

Zerto meets all the requirements of protecting enterprise applications running in virtualized environments by providing hypervisor-based replication, continuous data protection, disaster recovery orchestration & automation with an offsite backup for a 3rd copy of the data to ensure you can always recover in one simple to use software solution. 


Seamless Migrations with Zerto Virtual Replication

Zerto moves production data from one location to another with no interruption. It’s the only backup solution that replicates at the hypervisor layer, making it extremely flexible, scalable, and very cost-effective. With Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR), migrations can be a near painless activity – even easy in most cases. Leveraging the core attributes of ZVR, you can migrate your virtualized applications in just a few minutes with minimal downtime. 

Hypervisor-based Replication Technology

Zerto delivers a true enterprise-class, yet fully virtual-aware, complete BC/DR solution for all virtualized applications that require protection. Read on for a comparison between Zerto Virtual Replication and other current & legacy solutions.