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Security for data and information systems has evolved over the years and represents an important yet often confusing topic for business owners and key stakeholders. With the wide variety of tools available on the market today, potential expenses cause sticker-shock and rarely carry proper metrics for value and need for the business, with fear being a primary motivator for action.

TSR provides a better approach to IT Security, providing a clear and justifiable path forward for both data security and the human processes that are so frequently exploited by bad-actors in today’s world. With new attack vectors and exploits being discovered daily, the first step in this equation is ensuring you have proper backup and recovery methods to ensure you can recover from an attack.

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Security, Compliance and Risk are directly related

Security represents your processes and tools to secure data.  Compliance requirements are frequently a driver for security initiatives, but many organizations still struggle with the “why”. A tool is purchased to check off a compliance requirement, but the holistic view and resulting efficiency are skipped entirely.

Business risk is frequently the missing link in this discussion.  Risk analysis attempts to quantify, in dollars, the potential costs to your organization. The catch is, risk is variable, risk is dependent on your specific situation.  Done right, a realistic risk profile can be developed that enables your business to build a cost-effective approach to security and compliance.

Remove Fear and Uncertainty from the Process

TSR aligns your risk tolerance with the optimal security approach

TSR takes a methodical approach to security, ensuring your recovery objectives are clear and achievable before recommending additional expenditures. The goal is to work from inside out, similar to how a homeowner would typically ensure their doors and windows were secure before adding a fence or a locking gate. We have a comprehensive set of options to address issues throughout the security framework of your infrastructure, including cloud data, hyperconverged infrastructure, hosted applications, human processes, and internally hosted hardware and software.

At the core of our approach is a focus on your business, your specific compliance requirements, and your specific risk tolerance. With a proper definition of each, we will design a plan for your IT security that is cost justified and deploy-able over time, driving improvements to your environment while avoiding the cost and culture shock of trying to do too much at one time.

Protect your Data Assets.

vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Automated testing evaluates specific systems and individual devices for known exploits. We regularly review results to ensure you’re safe.

penetration testing

Penetration Testing

Using the vulnerability assessment results, our team perform a benign simulated attack and attempt to bypass system controls and existing security measures. This assists us in determining how your systems may be compromised and where additional safeguards are needed.

security auditing

Security Auditing

Our comprehensive security audits include interviewing staff, performing security vulnerability scans, reviewing application and operating system access controls, and analyzing physical access to the systems.

cloud protection

Cloud Protection

Utilizing the cloud requires increased security. Our private hyberconverged cloud is built with industry-best practices and uses established security products to protect your data. All incoming and outgoing traffic is monitored and security events are logged and proactively identified.

Endpoint Protection

Comprehensive security for users and data. Protection for desktops, laptops, mobile devices, data, web, and email.